Product Empties

January’s Product Empties

Welcome to my product empties post, where I review five products that I finished this month, as a part of my efforts to declutter, use up products I already own instead of buying more, and to save money in the process. I spent so much money the past few months buying different products, including skincare and makeup, and I’m currently reviewing them and sharing my experience with them. So, here are this month’s five empties:

1- Matrix Biolage- Keratindose Conditioner



I had been eyeing this item for a long time. And when I tried it, it didn’t disappoint. Though it’s a bit expensive, this is one the best conditioners I’ve used. It smells great, and leaves your hair feeling soft and luscious. I also noticed a big difference with my hair, as it’s no longer as dry as it used to be and a lot of damage has been repaired. This is a great product for reversing effects of dryness and damage. I recommend using it during the summer season, to fight against the harsh effects of the beach and the sun, or perhaps if you got your hair dyed and need to keep it strong and hydrated.




2- Caudalie Eau de Beauté


I bough this product at a pharmacy in France, as they have a wonderful skincare selection, and their products are generally inexpensive and high-quality. This is the second bottle I’ve used up, since I keep coming back to the same product. I always kept this bottle in my purse, especially as I fly a lot and my skin gets dehydrated very quickly.  I used this product to refresh my makeup, hydrate my skin, or after washing my face. It has a beautiful grape smell, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. I’m also a big fan of the spraying device, as it creates very fine mist that gently hugs your skin, unlike other spray bottles with a more aggressive spraying mechanism. I would absolutely recommend this product! It’s great for all skin types and contains many elements that are beneficial to the skin.


3- Yves Rocher coconut spray


I tried this product when I was shopping at the Yves Rocher store in Paris, and decided to pick up this small bottle to keep with me while I travel. It has a beautiful coconut smell, and I always liked to spray it on my body (and hair, sometimes). I also noticed that my clothes had a nice coconut smell in them. While I highly enjoyed using this product, I don’t think I’d be purchasing it again in the future, as I didn’t think it was extraordinary, and I prefer their coconut scented body washes and creams.


4- Dove Refresh + Care dry shampoo



This is the second bottle of mini dry shampoo I’ve gone through, and I’ve almost emptied the large size bottle of the same product. It does a great job of eliminating grease and oils and leaves your hair feeling clean and refreshed, as if you had just washed it. It doesn’t leave any white residue and adds volume to your hair. I’ve used other products that were highly rated by beauty bloggers; however, I did not like them as much. This product has anything you need in a dry shampoo, and I highly recommend it!


5- Nuxe Moisturizing Dry Oil


I had mentioned this product in my five favorites, and I loved using it. It’s a dry oil that leaves the skin soft, hydrated, and shiny, without being too greasy or heavy. It smells great and could be used for the face, body, or hair. I used it on all three, and it performed just as great on all three. If you’re thinking of experimenting with dry oil, I would highly recommend starting with this one.



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