Featured Products

January’s Featured Products

Hello, and welcome to this month’s top favorites, where I feature tested products that I would recommend. Most of these products are recent purchases, which I immediately fell in love with.


Without further ado, here are this month’s top 5 favorites:

1- Smashbox lipgloss in Disco Rose (mini size)

I received this product as a gift for a recent purchase from Smashbox, in addition to another mini lipstick (which I also love!). The color is a deep rose with red and light berry undertones. The formula is very rich, creamy, and moisturizing. I also love the size, as I can carry it in my pocket and quickly refresh my look whenever I feel the need to. The applicator does a good job of evenly covering your lips in a single use. I highly enjoy this product and would totally recommend it!

2- Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This dry oil has multiple uses for hair, face, and body, and I have tried it on all three. I like that it is not heavy and dries on the skin very quickly. It leaves a nice glow to the skin and smells very nice. I was particularly attracted to the mini size, as my job consists of traveling constantly and I like to keep the small bottle in my carry-on, or my purse. I find it very soothing and helps relieve dryness and dullness.

3- NYX lip liner in Pink Lust

If you’re into bright-colored lips, this lip liner might be great for you! I was initially attracted to the vibrant color, which reminds me of summer. I also think it looks great with a tan, paired with bronzer and highlighter, or with a more muted look to bring a pop of color. I wear this color on its own with a lip balm or clear lip gloss, or pair it with a liquid lipstick. It’s also super affordable: under $5, which is great for everyone that doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on makeup!

4- Milk Makeup Highlighter

This highlighter was a part of a gift set that I purchased at Sephora, in order for me to try different highlighters and colors. I was particularly excited about the cream formula, which I prefer to powder highlighters. The Milk stick highlighter gives your skin a beautiful, dewy look, which brightens your skin and makes it look healthy. The soft gold color is beautiful and looks great with any makeup look.

5- Kiko concealer: Shade 04

High coverage concealer that comes in a small pan with a mirror, which is great for keeping in your purse or makeup bag. Sometimes the formula feels a bit dry, so what I like to do is to warm it up with my clean finger before I apply it anywhere. I’ve also tried wetting a brush with a bit of facial mist or setting spray to make it a bit creamier. Otherwise, the coverage is very nice and could easily be layered without looking overdone. This product comes in 7 different colors ranging from Light (left) to Chestnut (right).


source: http://www.kikocosmetics.com

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