Product Empties

February’s Product Empties

Hello all, and welcome back to my product empties series, where I review five products I’ve used up this month. This is the third month of the series, which means that I’ve used up 15 products already! I have many more to add to the collection of empties, as I make use of all products I already own instead of buying more. Some of these products include travel-size items, which is mostly what I use while traveling. While these are mostly skincare products, I am hoping in the future I will get to include more makeup products, which generally take more time to use up.

1- Aromatherapy Hand cream


I bought this cream from Bath &Body Works, as a part of their Aromatherapy collection, along with a travel-size shower gel and a body cream. This hand cream is infused with lavender and cedarwood oil to help you relax and sleep. I tried this cream and it made a huge difference, especially as I constantly change time zones and it is harder to keep a set sleeping schedule. Rubbing a little on my hands right before going to bed or taking a nap releases beautiful scents that help you relax and unwind. I totally fell in love with this cream, and would absolutely recommend it. I will most likely be trying different products within their Aromatherapy range, as they work wonderfully. I’ve already used up their shower gel and cream and would recommend those as well.


2-  Yves Rocher Sérum Rides& Éclat Soin Lissant Daycream



I could not recommend this product more. I absolutely love it! The formula is so lightweight and hydrating. It feels very luxurious, moisturizing, and instantly penetrates the skin when applied. It is great for any season, and has lasted me so long, since a little bit goes a long way. I applied this cream every morning, sometimes, even enjoyed applying it with a brush right before putting on makeup. This cream also claims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and I find that it did help make my skin look glowing and healthy. I would absolutely recommend this product.


3- St. Ives Apricot Scrub



I forgot I had this product in my possession, and quickly went back to using it. I had taken a break from using it since I felt that it dehydrated my skin, which it did once I started using again. I do love that it contains natural exfoliants that help clean out your pores and it also smells very nice. I have enjoyed using this product; however, I feel that it’s more suitable for someone with oily skin.




4- Yves Rocher So Elixir Body Lotion


This was one of my most cherished possessions. It is a part of a collection with the Elixir Beauty fragrance, shower gel, and body lotion. And this is the second lotion I bought since I was so impressed with it. I would only use this lotion for special events, or during the spring (since it’s dress season). The cream is very rich, yet not overwhelming, and the smell is very floral, light, and lasts all day. I would highly recommend this lotion, and the entire Elixir collection as well.


5- Victoria’s Secret Tease Perfume Rollerball


Similarly to my other mini products, I loved carrying this with me in my bag whenever I travel, which is perfect due to liquid restrictions. I had purchased the 35ml size and I used it up as well, and I was very happy to find a fragrance rollerball trio on sale when Victoria’s Secret had their Christmas sales. This is the second one I’ve finished, and I have one last one to use up. I used this fragrance when traveling and occasionally reapplied throughout the day. It smells beautiful and refreshing, and is suitable for daytime or during the evening. I would absolutely recommend it and I’m looking forward to purchasing the full-size perfume (beautiful, elegant bottle) to add to my fragrance collection.


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