Product Empties

March Product Empties

A couple of years ago, I developed an addiction for makeup and skincare products. So, I spent a lot of money purchasing and trying new products, mostly makeup, which eventually hurt my wallet. While some products were wonderful purchases, others weren’t worth the money. In this “empties” project, I’m documenting and reviewing products that I’ve used up. The idea is to adopt a more minimalist approach and only use items I need and own, instead of purchasing more. Here’s a list of five products I’ve used up:

1- Caudalie – Vinosource Crème Sorbet Hydratante

This is the first time I’ve used a cream that’s so frothy and light. I bought a travel-size bundle with five products from Caudalie, which included this moisturizer. This sorbet moisturizer is so light and refreshing, it doesn’t sit on your skin. Instead, your skin quickly absorbs it and makes it looks luminous and refreshed instantly. It’s designed for sensitive skin and does not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals. I personally tend to use heavier creams and moisturizers during the winter, since my skin gets extremely dry; however, this would be great for people with oily skin or during summertime.

2- TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – Egg Mellow Cream $38

I had never heard of this brand before I tried the travel size Egg Mellow Cream., which I got from Birchbox, along with other travel-size products I was very intrigued by its main ingredient and it quickly became a part of my daily routine. The consistency is quite thick and has an elastic and sticky quality to it. My dry skin quickly absorbed it and looked radiant and glowing. I often used it on top of my moisturizer, or in specific areas where I tend to get patches of dry skin, which develop when I fly a lot, or on top of my cheeks for a natural highlight.

I would repurchase this item for its uniqueness; but, only I run out of the creams I am using at the moment. I wouldn’t use it every day, however. I think it would be perfect as a hydrating mask, or for summertime, as it does a great job of creating dewy, healthy-looking skin. The price tag for the full-size product is a bit hefty, and I am sure there are plenty of natural, cheaper products out there that perform just as well.

2- Sexy Pulp mascara- Yves Rocher

By far one of the best mascaras I’ve purchased! I first bought it when it was a limited edition for the summer. I went through at least two tubes, and it always performed so well. It’s very lengthening and volumizing, and doesn’t clump your lashes. I’ve worn it on long workdays, and it stayed as fresh and when I first applied it. It doesn’t fall apart or smudge. I took a nap a couple of times while I was still wearing it, and when I woke up, it looked still fresh. Yves Rocher came out with a new packaging (new formula?) for this product. I would definitely re-purchase it once I run out of mascara (just so I have to use the other mascaras I own and save money in the process!).

3- Clarins – Eye Gel

I started using this product when I bought a travel set from Clarins. It seemed to be the perfect travel size since it’s a lot smaller than a lot of travel-size eye creams I’ve used before. The blue gel reminds me of many other de-puffing and cooling gels I’ve used before. I’m not a big fan of the gel formula, since I’ve used similar products before, and haven’t really noticed a big change or difference with my puffiness and dark circles. However, it does a great job at cooling your under eye area, especially in the morning or late at night when you’re feeling tired and worn out. I am still on the hunt for the perfect under eye product, since my eyes always look tired after work. I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.

4- Clarins- Eye makeup remover

This is by far the best eye makeup remover I’ve used. It removes everything in a single use. I even tested using micellar water afterwards to see if there was any residue left, and it was all gone! I love its light and efficient formula. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and instantly removes all your eye makeup. I usually notice eyelashes falling out after rubbing too hard to remove eye makeup while using other products; however, the Clarins eye makeup remover is very gentle and did not cause any lash loss. I highly recommend it!

5- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant

When I started using this product, I immediately fell in love with it. The formula is so hydrating and soothing, which is great since my lips are often dry and chapped. I use this product on a regular basis on its own, on top of a lipstick (especially liquid lipstick), and before every single flight. I rarely need to re-apply it as it lasts quite a long time. I also like to apply at night right before I go to bed, and wake up with smooth and soft lips. When it comes to hydrating lip products, I tend to have difficulty finding the perfect one. I’ve tried so many different brands and products, and I find that they didn’t work as well for me. Elizabeth Arden’s lip protectant is just the right product for me; the formula feels very natural and moisturizing. It doesn’t sit on the lips; but gets absorbed instead. It also smells great! The only inconvenience is that it comes in a pot and you have to dip your finger in it every time, which is not very hygienic especially when you travel or are on the-go. Another alternative is the lip protectant that comes in a tube -which also contains SPF-  that also come in pink and red!

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