24 Hours in Belgium: Day trip to Bruges

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my travel blog, where I take you on a little journey with me. Today, I will share with you details about my trip to Belgium, which turned into a day trip to Bruges, located in northern Belgium. I have always wanted to visit Bruges, since it is famous for its Dutch architecture, beautiful canals and rivers, but mostly, for its delicious chocolate. Belgium is the manufacturer of exquisite chocolate, which is unlike any chocolate I have tasted elsewhere.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Capital: Brussels
  • Currency: Euro
  • Population: 11.35 million
  • Language(s):  French, Dutch, German

Train to Bruges (Brugge)

The starting point was Brussels, which is about 45-minutes to an hour away by train. I left from Gare du Midi (Zuid), which connects to many other cities and countries. Bruges is further up north, and the train ride is very nice and quaint. Once in Bruges, there is a fifteen to twenty-minute walk to downtown. It was a warm summer day when I visited, and there were many people around. All the streets leading to the city center are filled with stores, which all seemed pretty busy.

We finally ended up in Grote Markt, which is a plaza that is perfect for admiring Dutch architecture, grabbing a drink at one of the cafés, or a bite at one of the many restaurants in the area.

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The plaza was so full of people that it almost made it impossible to take photos of just the architecture. After walking for a while downtown, I wanted to see the canal Bruges is famous for. Although the walk from the center plaza to the canal is also quite long, it is worth it. I learned that there are a couple of different canals and a few known corners, where people usually take the famous Bruges Reie canal photos.


The walk by the canal is so pretty, and there were many boat tours going on, which was perfect for such a nice summer day. Although I opted out of the boat tour, I got to enjoy some gelato. There were so many bakeries, cafés, and shops around, and a gelato was perfect for such a warm day.

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Minnewater Lake

The walk from downtown to the Lake of Love (Minnewater) was quite long, but very enjoyable and relaxing! I just love the design of the park, which has separate sections that could be enjoyed individually. You could enjoy the swans around the lake, then you could take a nice long walk to admire the architecture surrounding it. There is a beautiful bridge that overlooks the main entrance, which is perfect for taking pictures. It also leads to a separate park area framed by trees, filled with bike riders. As you get closer to the exit, there is a small park adorned with sculptures, where many people were having picnics.

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As you can see in the photos, the view is quite picturesque and the weather was just perfect. To be honest, the lake was the highlight of my day trip. There was a lot of walking, which I could not complain about. There is a lot of good shopping and great food to be enjoyed. Belgian fries were sold everywhere and if I remember well, the price did not exceed 3.5 Euros. I would definitely recommend carrying some cash since I noticed many items were priced quite reasonably. Of course, there were so many chocolate shops and chocolate galleries. Some shops were more expensive than others, but the overall quality is amazing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the small sneak peak from this journey, and I would love to hear from your experiences if you’ve visited Bruges and what your favorite spots are. Stay tuned for my travel blog from Ghent, as well as many other places!

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