Product Empties

April’s Product Empties

In efforts to reduce my collection and use up all products I’ve acquired, I am trying to adopt a more minimalistic approach, where I only keep products that I need or ones that have worked for me. Trying out different products has helped me learn about items that worked best for me and my skin type, although that changes throughout the seasons. So far, the process of keeping track of product empties has helped me become more aware of  how much I’ve spent buying all these kinds of items. Without further a due, let me share with you 5 products that I’ve emptied this month:


1- Herbal Essences Shampoo in Rose Hips


I used to use this shampoo a while ago, since I loved the way it smells. I repurchased it as I wanted to give it another try. I like that it’s parabens and phthalate-free, which helps prevent hair damage. Although I enjoyed using this product, I didn’t notice a great difference in my hair. However, it does a good job of cleaning and leaving a nice, fresh smell that lasts throughout the day.



2- John Frieda – Luminous Glaze Gloss


As the name suggests it, this is a product designed to leave your hair looking shiny and glossy. The directions suggest you leave it in your hair for 3 minutes after washing. The texture is quite runny, watery, and thin, and you could notice the shimmer in the formula. I like that a little bit goes a long way, and that you are able to see instant results. I didn’t find this product especially nourishing or hydrating, but it leaves your hair looking shiny and glowing.


3- Clarins Lotion Tonique


This is perhaps the best micellar water I’ve used so far. It has a beautiful camomile smell that’s natural and not overpowering. The formula is very gentle on the skin and cleans away any impurities or leftover makeup. I used it daily after washing my face in the morning and at night before going to bed. I also noticed that my skin felt so much better and less dry than usual. I did not even feel the need to use as much moisturizer as I usually do. I would absolutely recommend this product and would definitely repurchase it again.


4- Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover



This product worked so nicely for me. I had tried the eye makeup removing pads before, which I did not like as much. A little bit goes a long way, and it does a great job at removing all eye makeup. Though it says it’s oil-free, the formula feels a bit greasy afterward, so make sure to clean your face thoroughly after using product.




5- Kylie Cosmetics in Kristen


This mini matte lipstick came in a set for one Kylie Cosmetics’ limited edition collections. It is extremely drying; however, the color is gorgeous. It’s a light crimson red with orange and brown undertones, which may look different depending on skin tones. I like that the formula is matte, since it doesn’t allow the color to be overpowering. Just make sure to apply some hydrating product on top, as this is lipstick dries down matte. Though I enjoyed the product, I would probably repurchase a formula that’s more hydrating.






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