What to bring on a flight?

The task of packing can often be a bit complicated. One could get lost thinking about what to bring and what to leave behind. Especially with liquid restrictions, it is harder to pick out which items to bring, especially for longer flights. While some airlines offer free kits for premium cabins, that may not be applicable to all airlines and routes. Plus, I find it best to travel with products you personally enjoy and know work well for you. So, here is a short list of items you could customize for your travel kit:

1- Small pouch or makeup bag for travel.

Some retail stores sell very cheap ones, others offer them for free with purchase. The examples shown below are from Benefit’s gift set, which comes with a small bag with items inside, and the second is from Yves Rocher, which I also use  as a travel kit. I tend to prefer canvas pouches, as they are more spacious and can hold many items inside. I got the Yves Rocher as a gift for purchase during summer sales. Again, this is just an example of what I had. Any pouch of your choice would do!

unnamed (4)

2- Travel-size hand lotion.

Airplanes are generally very drying, how drying depends on the aircraft, and you’ll start noticing the effect on your skin once you’re in the air. The soap some airplanes use may also contribute to your dryness by further stripping the skin from moisture. That is why I always carry my own hand lotion with me. I usually opt for one that is hydrating and contains natural ingredients, such as coconut oil or vitamin E oil. I like to carry with me the small Nivea hand cream, or any moisturizing cream that comes in tubes.

Bonus: this may seem a bit extra; but when traveling frequently, I like to carry my own soap with me. The one I use also has natural ingredients and a nice, rosy scent. I pack it in a little Ziploc bag and I carry it with me. This item is optional, but could be very useful for someone that flies a lot or doesn’t like airplane soap.

3- Sleeping mask

This small item can make a big difference during your travel. Long flights tend to be tiring and slightly uncomfortable. Using an eye mask can really make a big difference, as it helps you to sleep a lot easier and faster, especially if you’re a light sleeper, or if lights bother you. Consider bringing ear plugs as well and a neck pillow to maximize your comfort, if you have a long flight ahead of you.

4- Sanitizing wipes

This is a crucial element to bring with you, as it is easy to be exposed to germs on crowded airplanes and airports. Not all airplanes get cleaned thoroughly; they do get vacuumed and surfaces get wiped. It is a good idea to sanitize your area when you get comfortably seated on the plane to make you feel more comfortable and to minimize chances of getting sick.

5- Refreshing wipes

It’s always a good idea to have those on hand. I usually use unscented wipes, or wipes containing Aloe Vera or Vitamin E, and they’re very refreshing. They could be used for multiple purposes: if you need to go to the lavatory or for your hands or face to refresh your makeup.

6- Lip balm

Your lips also suffer from dehydration because of airplane dryness. If you’re wearing matte or a liquid lipstick, your lips may get dryer as well, depending on the length of your flight. Therefore, applying Chapstick every couple of hours can help prevent chapped lips and give them the hydration and protection they need. It may also be a good idea to use a sleeping lip mask before taking a nap.

7- Face mist

This an crucial item, especially for people with dry skin. Face mists (infused with rose water, grape water, etc.) can be very hydrating and refreshing. I love having a face mist on me at all times, especially when I’m working long haul flights. The one I keep using is by CAUDALIE and it’s infused with grape water. It smells great and I use it when I notice my skin looking or feeling a bit dry, and it not only hydrates it instantly, but it also helps to refresh my makeup. On flights when we get crew rest, I use it when I get up from break, and it helps me wake up as well.


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