Product Empties

May’s Product Empties

Hello, and welcome to this month’s empties, where I share with you my experience with five products I’ve used up.

You will notice that most of these items are skincare products, since I use them on a regular basis. Makeup; however, takes more time to use up, though I will soon be sharing my experience with some makeup items as well.

1- Sephora sheet masks

Since I travel often, my skin gets pretty dull and dehydrated, which is why a bit of added moisture helps a lot. Generally speaking, I love using sheet masks; however, I wasn’t very impressed with Sephora’s fiber masks. From my experience, I found that they’re drenched in product, which drips all over when used, and I feel that the product irritates my skin a little. I felt that they didn’t make a great difference in how my skin looked and felt.

On the other hand, I loved the under-eye masks. I used the cucumber and pomegranate ones and both did a great job. I chilled them in the fridge before using them, which made a big difference. After 15 minutes, I felt that my under eye area was more hydrated and felt cool and less puffy. If I were to reuse these items, I would definitely go for the under eye masks.

2- Shiseido power infusing concentrate

This was a sample product, which I gladly used up. It was my first time trying out the brand Shiseido and I had a pretty good experience with it. This serum’s formula is so lightweight and is easily absorbed in the skin. It smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. I used it in the morning after washing my face, and didn’t feel the need to use any moisturizer afterward. I also felt that my skin improved drastically and the dry areas I had on my skin disappeared. I definitely recommend this product and would gladly repurchase it in the future.

3- Ushuaia Bahia de Brasil

I purchased this product when I was overseas, and I am hoping it will soon make its way to the U.S. This brand has a wide range of body washes and other products like deodorant sprays. This body wash has a heavenly smell that’s not overpowering and that lasts all day. The formula is very hydrating and gentle on the skin. I find that most of the time I do not need to use body lotion afterward. I cannot wait to try out different scents this product comes in.

4- First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream

This was my first time using this brand, which I got in a set using the Sephora points I had accumulated. The formula is thick, yet light, and it smells of coconut. It’s not automatically absorbed in the skin, yet is quite hydrating. The only I dislike about this product is that it stings my skin a little when I apply it.

5- Caudalie Masque Instant Détox

One of my all time favorites! Rose clay mask with a light and effective formula that shows instant results. I love using this product on days when I feel that my skin is dull and tired-looking. It deeply cleans the skin and leaves it soft and glowing from within. I love that the ingredients are natural and harmless and that they leave the skin smelling like roses. I usually leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes, or until completely dry, and remove it using a cloth that I dampened with lukewarm water. I also use moisturizer or a skin serum afterward.

Quick tip: this product also helps when I’m breaking out. I just use some on top on the pimple and let it sit until it dries out. Then, I wash it with warm water and the breakout improves within a couple of days. This may be different from one person to another; however, this product generally helps with skin breakouts.

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