Featured Products

April’s Featured Products


For April, I picked items that focus on the eyes and help create a smokey, sultry look. These are my personal favorites at this moment, and I hope you enjoy them.

1- Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

I am sure so many of you are familiar with this primer. The formula just works wonders, and holds eyeshadows in place all day long. I use it almost every day, including when I go for a darker or colorful eye look. I put it to the test so many times, including when I have a long day of travel, and it worked!

2- Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow

This single eyeshadow is so universal, and works so well with any other eyeshadow. It is creamy, blends easily, could be worn alone, or with other shadows. It is my base color of choice, and it works so nicely with the products I selected for this month.

3- Kiko Long Lasting Stick Golden Brown

I love this color, and I love how affordable this product is. It is super creamy, goes on evenly, and there is a strong color payoff. This product could be worn on its own; but for this look, I like to apply it on top of primer or nude eyeshadow, focus it on the lid, and blend it out. It gives such a sultry look, which goes well with any eye color.


source: kikocosmetics.com

4- Yves Rocher Kohl Pencil (Purple)

With this look, I like to line the top and bottom lash lines to create a pop of color. I do not wing it out all the way, but stop where the lash line stops. This deep purple goes so well with brown, and helps create the smokey effect.

5- Yves Rocher Kohl Pencil (Gold)

I picked this specific eye pencil as the last step to line the waterline and use in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it and bring the look together. I like the color payoff and how it contains small specks of sparkle, which give a subtle glow. For shine that lasts longer, I still like to use a highlighter shade on top in the corner of the eye.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s favorites, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them.

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