Featured Products

May’s Featured Products


Welcome to May’s favorite products, which is all about light products for the warm weather. I selected a few of my personal favorites that I have used a lot and that worked well for the weather. As you see, there are only five items, which I will explain how they were perfect for this month.

1- Caudalie Under Eye Cream

I love this product so much, I use it all the time. It is very light, hydrating, and brightening, and worked perfectly for the warm weather. Since I do not like to pack product on my face and I like to allow it to breathe, this product is perfect for every day use. I even drag it to the high points of my cheeks for a natural highlight. It also worked as a primer, since I do not like to use primer a lot when it is warm outside (I usually stick to a serum, or a very light moisturizer).

2- Cover FX Foundation Stick

I cannot express how impressed I am with this product. I have been looking for the longest time for the perfect travel-size stick foundation, especially that I travel a lot and the size is so perfect, and a little bit goes a long way. I have been trying so many different stick foundations, and none performed like this one. What bothered me the most is that the other ones I have tried were in large sticks, yet do not not much product inside. I can carry the Cover FX one anywhere with me, although I almost never need any touching-up when wearing it. As I mentioned earlier, a little bit goes a long way, it is full-coverage, feels light on the skin, gives a healthy glow effect, and lasts a long time. Plus, I also use it as a concealer, and I have a good make-up day whenever I wear it.

3- Bene tint Cheek& Lip Stain from Benefit

I very much enjoy using this product, especially during the summer. It smells like rose water, and the color is buildable and looks very natural. I like to use it on both cheeks and lips, and I add a lip gloss on top to give a beautiful, dewy finish. My advice is to blend it quickly since it dries right away.

4- Yves Rocher Jumbo Couleur Végétale in Copper

This is perfect for a ‘no makeup’ day, where I focus on having a nice foundation base with a hint of color. I like to use this chubby stick to line my eyes or use it as a shadow. I do not like to use mascara, as I hate the process of removing it and it makes my lashes weaker and thinner, in addition to leaving residue under my eyes.

5- Victoria’s Secret Perfume in Tease

Because summer isn’t complete without a signature scent, and Tease is one of my favorite fragrances. It smells very fresh and it is the perfect size for me to take with me when traveling. I also like to keep it handy on my purse.

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