Product Empties

June’s Empty Products

Welcome back to another month of the “Empties” series, where I share my experience with five products I used up during this month, although not all of them were used in the span of one month. The process of regularly posting about different products not only helps me declutter and make more room in my cabinet and counters; but also helps me pick which items I should stick with. I also learned in the span of the past few months that it is more difficult to use up items than I imagined, since it takes more than a month to finish some products. And that also helped me stick with what I have and cut back on spending more money on products I do not need.

Without further a due, here are this month’s empty items:

1- Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant


This is by far one of my favorite lip products. I first mentioned this one in my month’s “Five Favorites” since it worked so well for me. My lips are very dry, and I have tried many different products over time. However, they didn’t all work very well for me. This lip protectant is soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing. It works well on its own, on top of a liquid lipstick, or as a night lip mask. You wake up with soft, rejuvenated lips. Its thick formula adds shine to the lips and makes them look voluminous and hydrated.


2- Lush Rub Shower Scrub


I really love this product. In fact, this is the second one I’ve purchased. I like that this product is all natural and smells like lemons. Made with fresh sea salt, it helps exfoliate the skin and leaves it looking soft and feeling fresh. I only used it once or twice a week and the results are amazing. A little bit goes a long way and it does a great job of exfoliating the skin.


3- Victoria’s Secret Scandalous


This is the second perfume that I got from the sales bundle at Victoria’s Secret, which I carry in my purse all the time. The scent is very floral and light, but not too overpowering, which I like. However, I found that the scent does not last all day. The benefit of having the rollerball is that you could re-apply the fragrance when needed.


4- Boscia Jelly Ball Cleanser


I’ve enjoyed using this product a lot. I think it’s very easy to use, clears the skin from all impurities and leaves it looking and feeling clean and healthy. The inconvenience is that it gets very slippery, especially when there’s not much left. I am not sure if I would repurchase this item because of the price point. I am sure similar and cheaper alternatives could be found. That being said, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to give this item a try.


5- Argan oil of Morocco Shampoo minis


I bought these from the travel section in a drugstore, sine I needed travel-size shampoo. I like this particular brand since it leaves the hair feeling soft and clean. Argan oil is a great ingredient sine it nourishes and strengthens hair. I would recommend this to people with dry or damaged hair.

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