24 Hours in Milan

This layover was my first time visiting Milan, a city I had heard so much about. It is known for the Milan Fashion Show and is a great fashion hub. On the other hand, the city is quite large and industrial, but with a lot of historical sites. While 24 hours is not enough to experience and develop an opinion on a city, I definitely got a first impression on it. Mostly that some parts of it could be a huge tourist trap, which I will explain later. Transportation is pretty good, and subways are everywhere. Having cash is very helpful and makes things a lot easier.


As you know by now, I always start my visit with a walk around the area, whenever it seems safe to do so. So, I decided to walk to the center of town, which was not a problem. As you get closer to downtown, the streets become more and more crowded, and you notice many boutiques and high-end brand stores all over. People in the streets were very nicely dressed (heels, fancy dresses, tuxes, etc.), which was nice. I made my way to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest mall that is a covered area with cafés and high-end boutiques. It was refreshing that it was an indoor area, especially since it was incredibly hot outside; however, it was very crowded, which is expected.



At the entrance, there was a Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, which is a research center and traveling exhibition. The entrance fee was 12 Euros; however, the prices vary for children and residents. The museum is very animated and contains hands-on exhibits and experiences. A portion of the museum is dedicated to Da Vinci’s inventions, while the rest is about his paintings, the techniques he used, and the meaning behind them. I highly recommend this museum, which also contains a replica of the Last Supper.



The Milan Cathedral is located right outside of the gallery, and it is very imposing and architecturally fascinating. It is a great example of Gothic architecture, and took about six centuries to complete. The only downside to it is that while I was taking the time to admire the architecture and snap some pictures for memories, there were people constantly trying to get me to buy things, and kept tossing corn near me (and other tourists) while pigeons flocked in waves around (I hate pigeons). This was so constant that I just had to leave. I really feel that this took a lot away from my experience.




After that little adventure, it was time for some gelato. The prices were very reasonable, and the area had many souvenir shops which only took cash. I continued my walk through the streets of Milan and found a restaurant to eat. I remember ordering eggplant parmesan, which was nice. The restaurant did not stand out to me enough to recommend it to you.

Overall, this was a very nice visit for the time I had. I got to experience a very small portion of what Milan had to offer, and there were many other places I wanted to visit. I really wanted to see the real Last Supper in Santa Maria Delle Grazie, enter the Milan Cathedral, and visit a museum or two. Most of all, I wanted to travel to Lake Como, which is about an hour away by train and ride on a boat to enjoy the scenery of the Alp mountains. It is a beautiful place to stop if you are anywhere near Milan and I highly recommend it.

Have you been to Milan before? What places to visit or eat would you recommend?


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