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July’s Featured Products

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Welcome to another month of featured products, where I introduce you to items I have been using this month. This section is also meant for reviewing products, and may include new items I purchased, including ones I did not like. For this month, I selected products that are quite light on the skin, since I do not like to wear a lot of make-up when it is very hot and humid outside. However, I do like using items that make my skin look healthy and glowing.

1- Sephora Contour Trio

I bought this trio a while ago while it was on sale, and I did not expect it to perform as well as it did. In fact, I used this one when I was first learning the art of contouring and highlighting. The contour shade is more pigmented than I thought, and it gave me a nice, soft contour and a nice bronze effect. It is also buildable for a more intense effect. The blush is a nice rosy color that gives you a natural flushed look, and the highlight is a rose-champagne color that gives you a soft glowing effect. The highlight is not blinding, but it will give you a beautiful glow. A tip that I could share for this product is to use some kind of angled brush to better pick-up the contour product and give you a more chiseled contour. Sometimes, I also like to use a Kabuki or large brush and swirl it around all three products and use them on the cheeks, nose, and a little on the forehead for a natural tan look.

2- Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

A lot of people have heard about the magic of this product. It is vert high-coverage, yet the texture feels light on the skin. Since I do not wear a lot of foundation in the summer, I still like to conceal my under-eye circles and brighten certain areas. I absolutely love this product, especially that I have been struggling to find the ideal concealer for me, and this has worked wonders.

3- Victoria’s Secret Flavored Gloss

I used to use this product all the time, then forgot about it for a while before going back to using it again. I am in love with how this product performs and smells. It is very hydrating and makes the lips look full. It is not sticky at all, feels comfortable on the lips, and lasts a long time. I like to use it on top of a liquid lipstick for added hydration,  pair it with a lip liner, or wear it alone. I also like that it has a matte, glossy finish, which looks very natural.

4- Tarte Gifted Mascara

This is the second mascara I use from Tarte, and while I did not like the first one I tried, I fell in love with this one. I found it highly volumizing and lengthening. It coats the lashes evenly, the formula does not flake or smear, and it lasts all day. Since I like to go for a minimalist look during the summer, I used this a lot.

5- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant

At first, I did not understand how to use this product, since it is so unusual, but I quickly learned how. This is such a great product to have, as it could be used on skin or nails. I use it a lot as a lip mask at night and I wake up with soft lips. It also does miracles on dry skin. I also use it a lot on my hands when I am traveling, since the airplane air is so dry and dehydrating. It also helped with the dry skin around my nose when I got sick. I also use it on dry patches on my skin, or my cuticles when doing an at-home manicure. I feel that this is a great product to have because of its multiple purposes and I highly recommend it.

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