September’s Featured Products

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This month’s featured products are fall-inspired items. For some reason, I am into dark, burgundy colors at the moment, which is why I picked up some items to celebrate the seasonal transition. Some of these items I love and others performed differently than expected.

1- Caudalie Lip Conditioner

This lip balm was a part of a duo with the hand cream -which I absolutely loved and purchased many times after. I could not say the same thing about the lip balm, although it may have worked better for other people. My lips are extremely dry and it is an issue that I have been struggling with for a long time. I am also very picky when it comes to lip products, since very few work for me, and this one did not, either. It smells great, applies smoothly; however, I feel that the product just sits on my chapped lips and does not nourish or soothe them. I also have to keep re-applying it evert time, since in my experience, the product does not last long on the lips. I put this product aside and tried others, before I decided to give it another chance; but, my opinion about it has not changed.

2- Milani Liquid Lipstick in Fabulous (41)

I was very excited to try this item, since the color looks amazing and it is the first lip item I try from Milani. I was aiming for a deep burgundy, but this shade is on the purple side. I do not recommend wearing this product on dry lips, since it is very drying. The color is great, but since it is drying, the product started flaking off my lips. I suggest to use this item with a moisturizing product, and I do not recommend you wear it while traveling.

3- Milani Lipstick in Plumrose (17)

I became obsessed with this item, and it has become my go-to fall color. It smells very nice, the formula is very creamy and long-lasting. It stays put all day and does not smear or move around. It has a matte, yet silky feel to it, and does not dry out the lips. I prefer this much more than the liquid lipstick formula.

4- Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Just in Wine (423)

I absolutely love this deep burgundy color, and I wore it on the first days of fall. The color is very beautiful and elegant, and the formula dries very quickly. Make sure you wear a clear coat underneath and a strong top coat because this particular formula tends to chip away very quickly.

5- Nars Orgasm Blush

I was pretty excited to talk about this product because, unlike many people, I was pretty disappointed in it. I am really not sure how this product works since it’s very subtle shimmer. It does not have any pigment, and it took me dozens of applications to make that tiny bit of shimmer show. I am also confused about calling it a blush when it is not pigmented enough for a blush and not strong enough to be called a highlight. I am also shocked at the price point, which I think is not worth the money. Could someone please let me know how to use this product? Did you have a similar experience or did you actually like it?

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