The Natasha Denona Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette

unnamed (10)

I fell in love with the colors in this palette when I first saw it on the Sephora website. They are stunning, and include mattes and shimmers, neutrals and fun colors. I was also excited to try a Natasha Denona product for the first time, as her larger palettes are usually very expensive. I was particularly attracted to the green color on the very left, as I am obsessed with greens at the moment, and it looks gorgeous on all eye colors, especially brown eyes. I went to a Sephora store near me; however, they did not have that palette in stock, so I decided to order it online. There are several things I noticed when I received it.

First, the size is much smaller than I excepted, which explains the $25 price point. To give you an idea of the size, I have included a photo holding the product. The golden packaging is elegant, and seems very sturdy. Since buying it, it has been my go-to palette and I take it with me everywhere, especially when I travel.

unnamed (7)

The colors on the palette still looked as impressive as they did online, so I decided to swatch them and get a feel of them. The formula felt so smooth and buttery, and the colors picked up very nicely on my fingers.

unnamed (6)

The first thing I noticed is how the green color swatched purple on my arm. What is interesting, however, that it has a duo chrome quality to it, which is very reflective. The peachy color is smooth and lovely; however, the shimmers did not show up as intensely as some of my other shadows do when swatched. I guess I expected more intensity from a brand that is very high-end and usually quite expensive. However, I did not want to judge a product by the swatches and was still excited to see how it looks on the eyes.

unnamed (18)

Colors include: Orion (green-brown duo-chrome), Atik (nude matte), Bellatrix (nude metallic), Earth (dark brown), and Cosmo (golden olive).  Source:

First, I tried a neutral, matte look consisting of placing Atil all over the lid and the crease, and Earth in the outer corner. I noticed that the shadows were very creamy, the brown is very pigmented, and they both blended effortlessly. I also created a wing using a liner. 12 hours later, I noticed that the colors held strong; however, the brown had creased and collected in my lid. I thought that perhaps it was that way because I did not use any primer, or maybe I should have blended more. So, I decided to give this palette another try.

The second look consisted of the same steps as the first, except I packed Orion all over the lid and topped it with Cosmo in the center. I used a brush first for Orion; however, the application was very faint. I then decided to use my fingers; but still struggled to achieve that pop of color and had to repeat the process several times until the color was intense enough. I thought it was very pretty and I loved the duo-chrome effect, I was just disappointed that a lot of effort needed to be put into it. After a long 10-hour flight, a nap in the shuttle, and when I finally got to my hotel, I noticed the color on the lid still held strong; however, the brown had creased again, which is a shame because it blended so nicely and was very pigmented. I also realized is that Bellatrix, which I used in the inner corners of my eye, had completely faded. The color was not very strong when I first applied it to begin with; yet, I still expect it to last. For instance, every time I used my Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, the colors always stay fresh and intact as when I first used them.

Final thoughts: I think it is so great when higher-end brands come out with more affordable products that people could try and get a feel for. My expectations were very high, especially since this is a Natasha Denona palette, and most of their larger palettes are very praised and cost over $100. There are many affordable palettes with similar performance and color payoff as the neutrals. However, for me, the star of the show were the duo-chrome colors and the shimmers. Although the colors were gorgeous, they were a bit difficult to work with, especially Orion, and Earth creased every time I used it, which was a bit disappointing. I am still going to continue using this palette since the colors are so beautiful. I just wish the shimmers were stronger in performance. That being said, this would be great for anyone that needs a compact palette for travel, or even for someone like me that was curious to try a Natasha Denona product.

Have you tried this palette? If so, how was your experience using it?

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