Lancôme Absolu Voyage Travel Set Review


Since I started traveling for work, I have always tried to find the perfect make-up kit to take on the go. When I saw this travel kit, I immediately thought it would be perfect for travel, as it seems to contain all items necessary (except for foundation). It also contains a large mirror, which is a perfect size for make-up on-the-go. I put this item to the test right away, and while I loved some aspects of it, others I did not enjoy as much.

The packaging is definitely a plus. It comes in a black velvet cover to protect the box from damage, and the size is very travel friendly. Let me break down to you the components of this kit, while I review each one of them.

The top row:

1- Mini size Lancôme Mascara

I used to shop a lot from Lancôme, and I would always receive this particular mini mascara as a gift, but I never really liked it. It did not give any volume to my lashes, did not coat them well, and made them look very sparse. I know that other people have liked it, so this is personal preference.

2- The concealers


You get two concealers in this kit: a very light one (way too light for me), and another that is a bit richer (but still quite light for someone with olive skin like me). I used the second one right over the dark areas to help brighten them. I was careful not to use a lot, as the color is a bit light for me. It is light-to-medium coverage, very thin, not very creamy, yet could be built up.

3- The blush (right)


I feel like this is a very iconic blush from Lancôme, as I have seen it in individual-size pans. I find that the product is very hard to pick up, and it takes many applications for the color to show. Once built up, the color is a subtle coral-pink, which does not last all day. This is definitely something that you would have to re-apply throughout the day.

4- The shadows


They are hit or miss, depending on the formula. The matte ones (the light beige and the pink) are gorgeous, the formula is very smooth and easy to apply, and they last all day. The color shows better on the lids than on my arm. I like to apply them all over the lid and the crease. They stay put and do not budge. I have even worn them on their own with a liner, and I was very happy with the result. I could not say the same about the shimmers, as some are chunky and wear off easily, especially the gray one. I still wear the burgundy color since it is a gorgeous color. Just make sure to use a primer and to pick-up the product with your finger for stronger color payoff.

5- The lipglosses


I assume these are lipglosses since they are quite sheer. The middle pink is the most opaque and looks beautiful on the lips. I like to re-apply it since it does not last long. The other colors also work well on their own, or paired with the lip liner in the kit.

The bottom row:

6- The powder (left)


This is the row containing all the brushes, pencils, and powder. The powder comes with a sponge that covers it, but mine fell on the floor and I was not trying to use it again. In any case, I do prefer using the square blush brush instead of the sponge, as it spreads the product much better. The powder feels a bit thin and chalky, but it is very good at taking away the shine. I like to use it under my eyes, on my chin, and around my nose.

7- The brushes

As I said before, the square brush is great and is very good at picking-up the product and spreading it. The shadow brush is not my favorite, and I like to use my normal brushes to use on the crease, and my finger to pick up the shimmer shades. The lip brush is excellent, and works well for the lip shades.

8- The pencils


These are probably my favorite part of the kit. Both pencils work great: the black one is pigmented and lasts a long time. It is also so small that you could create thin, precise lines or a thin wing. You could also build it up for a bolder look. I also love the lip pencil, as the color is a gorgeous nude that could be worn alone or paired with one of the lip shades.

Final thoughts:

I really like the concept of this kit, although it has not worked perfectly for me. The price point ($65-$75) did not match the quality of the product, in my opinion. As I kept using this kit, I found myself only using the lip pencil and the powder sometimes, since the other components did not work as well as I had expected. I just feel that in every kit, there is always an item or a few that will not work as planned, so it is always a good idea to create your own little make-up kit or make-up bag that you could take to travel with you. Would I have purchased this having tried it? Not for the price point and the quality. Have you tried this kit? If so, please let me know in the comments section about your experience using it.

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