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Reviewing Five Foundations

One of the hardest make-up items to find is a good foundation. Many factors go into selecting the right one, including skin type (normal, dry, oily, combo), foundation color, texture, finish, etc. Plus, skin color and texture change throughout the year, making it more of a challenge. My search for the ‘ideal’ foundation started when I ran out of my Clinique foundation a long time ago, which I loved and learned wasn’t being made anymore. The search got even more frustrating when I bought foundations I didn’t even like and had to keep using. Thus, I started looking for the ‘perfect’ foundation by trying out different brands and types, which paid off since I learned about what did and did not work for me.

1- Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in 9 Neutral

I bought this foundation a couple of years ago when I was looking for a concealer.  At that time, there wasn’t such a huge concealer production, so there weren’t so many options to choose from. I first used it as concealer, then switched to using it only as foundation. The texture is very thick, creamy and hydrating. It is very full coverage and long-lasting. I love the applicator and a little bit goes a long way. I use it heavily during the winter, as my skin is much dryer and loses some of its tan. I would not recommend this to people with oily skin, as the texture is very rich.

2- Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Wheat

This foundation has been my absolute favorite for ages, and I use it very sparingly. This must be my third bottle, and I will certainly keep buying it. The color is a perfect match to my skin, it gives full coverage, and the finish is amazing. I almost always get complimented on my skin when I wear it. It stays put and looks fresh all day, and is definitely worth the price ($42.00).

3- it Cosmestics CC Full Coverage Cream

I tried this item during the summer because of its SPF properties. It has a very nice lemon scent to it and the texture is very creamy. However, it is not full-coverage, and goes on patchy sometimes. Concealers do not sit well on top, either. I also feel that it caused my skin to have frequent breakouts, which is why I stopped using it.

The last two foundations are in stick form. Recently, they have become a trend, and my go-to product since I started traveling. As you can see, the first two swatches from the stick foundations look pretty dry and smooth compared to the other liquid foundations. Though they look somewhat similar, they performed very differently.

4- Cover FX Cover Click N50

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product. It is really the perfect foundation and I am absolutely impressed with it. First, I love the travel-friendly size, which gives an accurate idea of how much product it contains. It applies very nicely with or without primer, it is very high-coverage and feels light on the skin. A little bit goes a long way and it leaves the skin looking radiant and healthy. I was so happy to have tried this product and I do not regret purchasing it. It also comes with a dual-ended stick that fits two products. For example: a foundation and a darker shade for countour, or foundation and highlighter, etc. I highly recommend this product.

5- Clinique Chubby in the Nude Stick Foundation in 09′ normous neutral

I had high hopes for this product, but I was quite disappointed in it. First, the packaging makes it look like you get a lot of product when you don’t. It is nice and creamy, but the coverage is very light and I need to apply the product multiple times. It also goes on patchy and I simply don’t feel like I am having a good make-up day. However, some people do like foundation that is very light and gives a hint of color, so this would be the perfect option for that.

Between these five foundations, I alternate back and forth between the Clinique beyond perfecting foundation, the Estée Lauder, and Cover FX one. I try to incorporate the others once in a while because I purchased them and I don’t want to waste the product. There is also the fact that foundations eventually expire or need to stop being used for hygienic reasons. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to have a limited number of foundations, as they will eventually get discarded.

That being said, there has been a surge for foundation production lately; however, not all foundations are created the same. I am curious, however, to try some new ones, including drugstore options.

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