Product Empties

December Clean Out

As the year is closing to an end, I decided to do a full clean out, instead of the typical five product empties series. This month, I will be reviewing products that were hits, and many that were misses.

1- PEARLESSENCE Micellar Cleansing Water

This product looked very interesting when I first bought it, especially that the price was around $5. I really did not like how it performed. It irritated  my skin and dried it out. It also did not do a great job toning my skin and removing make-up residue. I gave it several chances, and it always dried out my skin, so I stopped using it.

2- Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA First Aid Beauty

I received this product with the First Aid Beauty Kit. While I loved the cleanser and the moisturizer, this product did not work very well for me. I wish there was more direction on  what it is or how to use it, since I was confused as to what a resurfacing liquid is, or how it helps the skin. After doing some research, it was recommended to use it underneath moisturizer, which I did. However, my skin got extremely irritated and started burning so much I had to wash off the product. I would highly recommend testing it first before applying it. 

3- Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

I am particularly disappointed with this product as it is advertised as “cleansing gel” when it really is a cleansing oil. There is no gel aspect to this cleanser; it is pure oil. So I was annoyed that the description was inaccurate. Whenever I used this product, it left a layer of oil on my skin, and I always needed to wash my face a second or third time. So, this added a step to my routine, but who really wants that? I highly recommend you stay away from this product if you have oily skin, since this may cause it to break out.

4- Yves Rocher Hand Scrub

This is perhaps my least favorite item, as it was a waste of money for me. I initially bought this thinking it was a body scrub, and when I discovered it was a hand scrub, I decided to give it a chance. The texture feels like a cleansing oil with added scrubbing particles. I felt like it did not do anything for me, I did not feel any difference, but I kept using it since I wanted to get rid of it. So, this was another flop for me.

5- Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I received this sample item when I was shopping at a Sephora. This the second time I receive it as a sample and my mind about it has not changed much. I just feel that it takes such a long time for this product to dissolve eye makeup and remove it, and every time I lose a few eyelashes using it from rubbing my eyes to get make-up removed. So, this was another pass for me.

6- Nectar of Nature Make-up Removing Wipes

I also gave this product a couple of chances, since it says it’s an all-natural product. I felt that it did not do a good job removing make-up and was horrible for removing eye make-up.

Although the products above did not work for me, there are plenty of other items that I purchased this year and wanted to review. Some I will definitely repurchase, and others I won’t since I was not particularly blown away with the way they performed.

7- L’Occitane Lip Balm

Perhaps this is the cutest item I’ve purchased. It smells great and it is infused with shea butter. My lips get extremely dry depending on the season, and I felt like the product just sits on top of my lips and does not help with the dryness. Would not recommend for very dry and chapped lips.

8- Bio Soin Contour des Yeux

I bought this under eye cream from a Monoprix store in France, as it is said to be all natural and infused with Argan oil, which has many skin properties. I liked using it, since it did not irritate my skin, was very soft and instantly hydrated under my eyes. A little bit goes a long way, and I am very surprised at how long it lasts. I highly enjoyed using it and might go back to using it again.

9- Tarte Maracuja C-brighter Eye Treatment

This little eye cream was included in a small kit I purchased on Sephora, since I was curious to try products from this brand. It performed like a regular eye cream. It was smooth, light, and helped brighten the under eye area. I was not extremely blown away by this product; however, I liked using it.

10- Garnier Utra Doux L’Huile Merveilleuse

I also picked up this oil from France a while ago. It smells great and helps untangle the hair. It is also infused with Argan and Camelia oils. This could be used on either damp or dry hair, and it leaves it smelling great and feeling smooth. I highly enjoyed it.

11- Cartier Paris Rose Clay Mask

This is another product that I purchased while in France, and I loved using it every single time. I even prefer this to Caudalie’s rose clay mask, which is a bit pricier than this. This is the second or third tube I bought, and I highly enjoyed using it. It dries very quickly, and gets rid of all dead skin and revives it. I used it once a week, or whenever I felt that my skin was feeling dull. Another trick was to use a tiny bit on top of blemishes or zits to help dry them out. I would definitely repurchase this product and highly recommend it.

12- Caudalie Moisturizing Mask

This was a part of a small set that I bought in France as well. I used it once a week, or whenever I felt that my skin was dull or extremely dehydrated. It is very thick in texture, and smells great. It contains natural ingredients and has never irritated my skin. It could be either left on the skin for fifteen minutes, or all night to let the skin absorb it, which I did a few times and woke up with smooth, hydrated, and refreshed skin. I greatly enjoyed using this product, and would definitely bring it back to my collection.

13- Beauty 360 Eye Makeup Remover 

I have used this product a couple of times, and I enjoyed the way it performed. It did a great job with removing my eye makeup. I did not have to tug or pull or rub extra hard to get it all removed. I would definitely give it another go and I am also curious to know if there are any other eye makeup removers that work well.

14- Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Soothing Body Wash

I enjoyed using this product, as it is gentle and moisturizing. It is not scented and does not dehydrate the skin, nor does it leave the skin feeling tight and itchy. I recommend this product for anyone with dry/ sensitive skin.

15- Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen& Restore Shampoo

Since trying out this product, I have purchased three more bottles, and I still love it. It smells great and does such a great job with my hair. I still pair it with the conditioner it comes with, and it makes my hair feel so smooth and hydrated. I highly recommend this product, especially for dry/ damaged hair.

16- Benetint by Benefit

I mentioned this product a while ago as one of my favorites. And as you can see, it was well loved. I decided to throw away the rest of the product, as it has become less sanitary to use it from dipping the brush back into the tint multiple times. The only issue I had with this is that it stained my fingers from using them to blend it out. Otherwise, the tint is very nice and stays put for a while.

17- Benefit Roller Lash and Tarte Gifted Mascara

I paired these products together since they were some of my favorites. Both performed so nicely, and I was pretty surprised with the Tarte one, especially. The Roller Lash mascara is very good for lengthening the lashes, while the Tarte one gives incredible volume. I would have purchased it if the price was not $23. Many drugstore mascaras perform just as well for the fraction of the cost.

There you have it, this is my full clean out for December. I have highly enjoyed this sorting process; and it has given me a great opportunity to sample different products and to discover new brands. I am still planning on continuing this process, and will work on creating a simple and efficient collection. If you made it this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more make-up and travel related posts.

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