Christmas in Brussels


Europe offers a unique experience when it comes to celebrating Christmas. I was very fortunate to have witnessed these celebrations, which bring together joy and tradition. Although some aspects of this custom are similar, every European city adds a special touch to it. In addition to opening up Christmas markets where you can indulge in all kinds of foods, warm drinks, or gifts, and other goods, some cities open up iconic ice rinks to the public, such as the Grand Palais in Paris, or set Ferris wheels in motion as is done in Edinburgh. Brussels is special in the way it uses its iconic Grand Place to create a festival of lights and music. The market surrounds the plaza, and the latter hosts a magic show of various colors through the night, as seen in the pictures below.




Besides the music (both classical and modern), the lights, and the colors, the plaza includes a life-sized nativity scene, and a beautiful Christmas tree located right in the center. The entire atmosphere is extremely festive, and you cannot help but stand in awe and enjoy it.


European Christmases will always be an exceptional experience for me that brings joy and nostalgia. I especially enjoy the fact that it is a true time of celebration and magic that brings people together, rather than a stressful, financially draining one. I truly wish this tradition were adopted in other parts of the world that celebrate this holiday.

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