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Reviewing KKW Products

Holiday sales season is the best time to shop. This year, there were so many new collections and product releases that I stopped paying attention. Plus, not many products seemed unique or special. The first item I bought from KKW was their creme liquid lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics, and I was very disappointed with the quality and texture of the product. I did not like the colors and the formula was very patchy. However, when the KKW X Mario palette came out, I was very impressed with the color scheme. Many reviewers said great things about it, and I was really impressed with the blue color, which makes this palette unique. When KKW items finally went on sale, I decided to buy some iconic items. I was not disappointed at all by the quality of the shadows and color payoff. They are very creamy and smooth, and they blend effortlessly. The burgundy and electric blue are my favorite colors.

unnamed (6)

The second item I got is KKW Body from KKW Fragrance (100ml, retails for $60), which I think is a great work of art. I saw pictures of the preparatory stages for the product, and I thought it was very artistic and sculpture-like. The packaging is great: it opens up like rose petals and closes very easily with a magnetic lid and a string that ties around a button.

unnamed (5)

The scent is a mix of floral and heavy notes, creating a fresh, luxurious, and long-lasting smell. I am in love with the fragrance and I use it very sparingly. Overall, I think this was a carefully designed product, and it is definitely worth the price! This was a great purchase, especially that I have limited the number of items I buy.

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