Reviewing New Purchases

While waiting for my connecting flight at the airport, I visited a Kiehl’s store looking for some hand cream since I forgot to bring some and needed a new one, anyways. After testing a few products, I bought these two items:


The ultimate strength hand salve cream feels so hydrating. It is infused with peppermint, making it feel and smell fresh. I am excited about this item since I just ran out of my previous one by Nivea. I’ve been paying close attention to finding good moisturizers for my hands, especially that my skin is very dry and sensitive.


I also picked up the Kiehl’s lip balm #1 that’s mango flavored. The consistency is thin and a bit oily. However, it is hydrating and is easily absorbed into the lips. It also feels very comfortable and smells like mangoes. I probably didn’t need the lip balm, but I was curious to try it. I am also a big lip balm user, especially around this season since my lips are very dry.

If you’re an avid Kiehl’s user, please let me know what’s your favorite products by this brand, or if you recommend anything for people with dry skin.

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