2019 Goals

2018 was the year I decided to start this blog and share my love for beauty and travel with people with similar interests. Furthermore, there are many stories and aspects of my life I wanted to share through this blog. As I celebrate the first year anniversary of this blog, I also wanted to look back on this year and set goals for 2019, including:

1- Posting more regularly:

This year has been so interesting, and came with many adventures and changes. It also came with many ideas and projects, which I did not keep up with as well as I wanted. So, my goal this year is to develop a better discipline of posting. Thus, you notice that I am in the process of updating and catching up with my travel posts from the ’24 Hours’ series, including Europe, the Middle East, and South America. So, stay tuned for that.

2- Finishing old projects and starting new ones:

I started this blog with many ideas in mind. As promised, I will be catching up with a few travel posts, but also stay tuned for more seasonal hot picks, and new fashion and lifestyle material. So, I am very excited for all these additions and updates.

3- Second Edition of Product Empties

I already started working on this years’s second edition of product empties, as I have not fully used all the products I wanted to get rid of. I am very happy with with the results from last year’s product empties series, and look forward to continuing this project.

4- Starting a Project Pan

Since skincare products were much easier to use up, I decided to start a project pan that would help me use up makeup products. You will soon learn more about the products I’ve picked for this project, starting with ones that I’ve had longer or that I would like to get rid of sooner.

5- Being more involved in the community

And that includes sharing more and learning more about fellow bloggers with similar passions and interests.

So, there you have my blog goals for 2019. I decided to stick with realistic and achievable goals, which will help develop content and make this blog more fun and interesting for readers. What are your goals for 2019?

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