Project Pan: Powders

The second part of this project will focus on face powders. Last year, there were two powders I really enjoyed using and hit pan on (L’Oreal True Match and Fit Me by Maybelline). Both are drugstore brands and I used every bit of them. The last powder I decluttered was Stay Matte by Rimmel, which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, the top lid shattered and the powder started getting damaged, so I stopped using it. Since my skin is very dry, I typically do not use a lot of powders. However, I made a couple of impulse purchases, leaving me with the following powders:


IMG_4206 (1)


1- The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder

I had always wanted to try this brand, and when their products went on sale last winter, I thought it was the best opportunity to try out some of them. Although I haven’t been using this powder much because of my dry skin, it definitely came in handy. For instance, I like to use it under my eyes to set my concealer, and often use it around my cheeks and forehead when I am feeling a bit oily. The color is perfect for my skin and goes on very smooth.

2- Kat Von D Setting Powder Mini

I am not sure why I bought this item, but I certainly did not enjoy using it. First, the powder goes all over the place when I open it, the texture is very strange and leaves a white cast. Plus, it is very shimmery and leaves specks of glitter under the eyes. I really do not like using this powder, so I will try either to limit its use, get rid of it completely, or pass it to someone else.

3- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

I am not really sure how to use this powder, or what it’s supposed to do. It has slight sheen to it and gives the skin a natural finish. I have used it on my eyes before, but it always creases on my lid. I avoid using it under my eyes as well, because it is slightly shiny.

This year, I am planning on hitting pan on the translucent powder from the Balm. I do not like the Kat Von D one, so I will either give it away or declutter it. I would like to give the Hourglass powder a few more tries before I decide whether or not I want to keep it.

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