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Reviewing New Skincare Products

This year, I decided to go on a ‘no buy’ for make-up and some skincare products to use up every item I had, instead of constantly purchasing more. So far, the process has been great and I feel free from all the clutter I have been accumulating. I also found that I’ve been saving so much more money in the process. That being said, there are items I constantly need to buy such as moisturizers, face wash, and eye cream. Since I recently used the last creams I had, I needed to purchase more. So, I wanted to try new items and see how they worked for my skin. Here’s what I thought of these products:


1- Clinique pep-start hydroblur moisturizer

The texture of this product feels more like a primer than a moisturizer. It is matte and does a good job moisturizing the skin. It is definitely intended for people with oily skin.

2- Clarins One-Step Facial Cleanser

This is a very nice and hydrating facial toner. It smells fresh and contains citrusy elements that help clean the skin and keep fresh. It is great for dry skin, as it contains oils that quickly get absorbed into the skin without making it feel too oily.

3- Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I did not like this product as much as some other eye makeup removers I’ve tried. I still had to do the usual pulling and tugging to get the eye makeup off; however, it is not the worst product, either. I just imagined the process to be effortless since Clarins is a pretty great brand.

4- Clinique pep-start Eye Cream

This is the second eye cream I’ve tried by Clinique thus far, and I believe they make some of the best eye creams. I was in dire need of eye cream, as I had used up the ones I had. I will be sharing all the details in next week’s empties post, so stay tuned! In any case, this is a very nice, nourishing cream that does a great job hydrating under the eyes.

5- Clinique pep-start Bubble Mask

This is the first bubble mask I’ve tried. It feels so refreshing and energizing. The formula starts foaming up instantly, and in just a few minutes, a cloud of bubbles forms. I highly enjoy this product as I find it quite unique, and I use it once a week as a part of my at-home SPA treatment.

6- Claring Hydra Essentiel Cream

This cream was quite expensive, so I had high expectations for it. The formula is very unique: it is dense, not very creamy, yet instantly melts into the skin. It leaves the skin looking refreshed and glowing, and it doesn’t feel heavy or overly greasy. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and a little bit goes a very long way. I haven’t noticed any major changes in my skin, but hopefully as I continue using this product, changes will occur.

Have you tried any of these products? If not, which creams would you recommend for dry skin?

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