Product Empties

April Product Empties

Welcome to yet another month of empties! I am very excited to make progress towards decluttering and using up products I own. Some of the products below were new purchases, as they were necessities. Other products took me a lot longer than expected to use them up. Without further a due, here are April’s empty products:


1- Biolage Leave-in Tonic



It took me such a long time to use up this product, which is a positive because a little bit goes a long way. I did not mind the product itself, the formula is nice and creamy, but I didn’t feel that it made a big difference in my hair. It just helped dampen it when I needed it. I didn’t find that it helped that much with humidity, either. For those reasons I don’t see myself repurchasing this product.






2- L’Oreal Sublime Sun SPF 50




This is my absolute favorite sunscreen, and I’ve had it for a while. It is great for both the face and body and it smells great. It never irritated my skin or made me break out. I would definitely repurchase this product.







3- Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna Body Lotion



I liked Rihanna’s fragrance, also the fact that the scent in the lotion was not too strong. I don’t personally like scented moisturizers but this one was good. It did not irritate my skin or cause any rashes, and the lotion was very smooth and hydrating. For that I kept using this product.





4- Peter Thomas Roth



I did not have a good experience with this product at all. I am not sure whether it’s the combination of products I was using then, or the fact that I was introducing a new product to my routine, but I got the worst acne ever when I started using it. My breakouts lasted for as long as I continued using this product. It also left my skin extremely tight and dehydrated. Although I am not sure whether or not my skin was reacting to this particular product, I was very excited to use it since it smells great, the formula is thick and a little bit goes a long way.


5- Kiehl’s Hand Cream



I bought this product when I tested it at an airport. I had forgotten to bring hand cream and desperately needed it. I really like the formula, which has some kind of peppermint element to it. This product lasted me all winter long, and I loved it so much I purchased the larger size, which I now continue to use. I highly recommend this for people with dry, sensitive skin.






This is it for this month’s empties! Have you tried any of these products? Which products would you like me to review? Leave in the comments below!

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