Product Empties

May’s Product Empties

Welcome to this month’s product empties, where I review five products I’ve used up or decluttered. As you are used to, most of these items are skincare, body care, or haircare products. I hope you enjoy this month’s selection of products!

1- Simple Micellar Water



I have always been curious to try this micellar water, as I’ve read so many positive reviews about it. I also liked that there was so much product in it. I liked that it it did a great job cleaning my skin, although it really dried out my skin. This product is perfect for people with oily to combo skin. Unfortunately, it is too drying for me.






2- Clarins Rich Cream for Very Dry Skin

I was pretty excited about using this product, especially that it was marketed for people with very dry skin. I like the consistency and texture of the cream. It is very dense and rich. A little bit goes a long way, and you have to be careful not to use too much, otherwise it makes the skin feel greasy. Though I’ve enjoyed using this product, I will go back to one of my old favorites, which I will reveal at a later time.



3- Pink Grapefruit Cleanser by Neutrogena



After trying so many different face washes, including overly expensive ones that didn’t work for me, I finally found one that I like. This has worked so well with my skin. It does not dehydrate it, and it leaves it looking and feeling very clean. It is also reasonably priced, which is a bonus!








4- Garnier Whole Blends Leave-in Conditioner



This product was an impulse purchase, and I am not quite sure why I had bought it, knowing that I had a conditioner by the same brand. The product smelled and performed exactly the same as the conditioner. I used it on damp hair and it helped to add moisture to my hair. The positive aspect about it is that a little bit goes a long way and I was able to use the product for a while.




5- Cup O’Coffee by Lush

As you know, this is an all-time favorite product of mine. This must be the 3rd or 4th container that I finish. I’ve used this very sparingly and cannot recommend it enough. The product is very nourishing to the skin and works as a mask and scrub. I was gifted new masks, so I will hold off on purchasing a new mask/ scrub for now.



Bonus Product: Sofsoap Pink Peony& Sea Salt

This is the second bottle I had purchased of the same product. I really enjoy the formula, which contains small salt particles that help scrub the skin. The body wash has a very nice scent of roses and leaves the skin feeling extra smooth. The price is great, which is a bonus!


That is all for the month of May! I hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews of the products mentioned above. And as per usual, please let me know if there are any skincare or haircare products that you would recommend.

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