My lipstick collection: Part I

Of all the makeup items I own, lipsticks constitute the majority. My lipstick collection has grown rapidly in the past couple of years, especially with all the trends that came out recently. Being on a no-buy makeup rule this year, I had the opportunity to really start using these items more often than I have before.

The collection includes a range of mauve and beige colors to red and bright ones. I’ve decided to go through my lipstick collection and review it by category. I will start with liquid lipsticks from Kylie and KKW Cosmetics, which constitute the bulk of my liquid lipsticks. I realized I bought way more lipsticks than I needed, but I was very drawn to the range and opacity of the colors.

With the lipstick trend changing and moving away from liquid lipsticks, I do agree that most are very drying and start to crumble after use. I use a lot of these colors mostly during spring and summer, and I revert to creamy ones during winter and fall.


I am sure you have seen these colors from Kylie Cosmetics floating on the Internet when they first came out, so I will not be swatching them or talk in-depth about the colors. The red is probably my favorite one, along with the gloss.

I’ve worn these colors so many times, and I wish the formula was slightly creamier, because my main issue with these is that they are extremely drying and I cannot wear them on a regular basis. The packaging is fine, as you can see some of the print is fading pretty quickly.



I am not a huge fan of the mini size lipsticks -with the exception of Ginger. The rest simply don’t complement my skin tone, so I don’t use those as often as I wish.



I was pretty excited about the KKW lipsticks, but did not enjoy them as much. The formula was pretty runny and patchy, and the colors weren’t as I expected. The darkest pink shades are the ones that suit me best and work for any season.

The KoKo collection is identical to the Kylie Cosmetics items, with the exception of packaging. The formula and consistency are the same. I really like the nude color, but find it hard to wear on a regular basis as it is quite drying. Despite being opaque and coming in a variety of beautiful colors, these items are definitely overhyped and overpriced.

This review concludes the first part of my lipstick collection. Next, I will review the rest of my lipsticks and glosses before moving on to the next item. So, stay tuned for the next review!

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