Product Empties

July’s Empties

Welcome to this year’s seventh month empties, where I review five products I’ve used up. I’m very excited about the decluttering progress, and that it is giving me the opportunity to use up products I already own. This process has also made me conscious of my purchasing habits and helped me consider the time I need to use up each product.

Without further a due, here are this month’s empties:

1- Pink Grapefruit acne prone skin cream-to-foam cleanser by Neutrogena:



You are probably accustomed to seeing me review this product, but I’ve enjoyed using it very much. I noticed I go through these cleansers pretty quickly, and started using a new product which I will share with you later.









2- Pitbull Fragrance



I’ve purchased this item years ago, and finally decided to use it up. When I started reusing it, I found I still liked the scent, which is light and perfect for daytime. My only complaint is that it did not last all day and wore off within a couple of hours.









3- Argan oil of Morocco Conditioner

I loved using this product, as it is very thick and nourishing. It helps the hair feel soft and gives it shine. I recommend leaving this conditioner on for a few minutes depending on how dry your hair is. I really enjoyed using this product.



4- Nivea Facial Scrub



This is another item that I had in my possession, although I kept buying other face washes. It contains small particles that help scrub the face and help clean it. I didn’t find it extremely helpful for scrubbing the face, but it worked well as a cleanser.








5- Beautiful Day Ultra Shea Moisturizer



This is by far the best moisturizer I have ever tried. It is so hydrating and works instantly. It felt very natural and did not irritate my skin in any way. I am planning on repurchasing this product once I run out of body creams, since I enjoyed it so much.

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