Product Empties

September’s Empties

Hello! And welcome to another month of empties, where I review five products I’ve used up. I have been reviewing products I use for almost two years, and I found this extremely helpful to track my progress and hopefully try enough products to find which ones have worked best and I would like to stick to. Here’s this month’s products:

1- Kiko Milano Full Coverage Concealer

I felt very satisfied to be able to finally reach pan on this product. I found the formula very creamy and buildable. It blended very nicely and gave me coverage I needed. I am currently using one of my lighter foundation sticks as concealer, but it is not giving me the full coverage I need. So the search is back on! But the idea was to be able to use what I have first before moving on to purchasing more products. In short, this was a nice product to try.


2- Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr Metal

This is actually a product I had to declutter since it has dried up due to not being used as much. When I first purchased it, the formula was very creamy and buildable. One of the reasons I stopped wearing it so much is that it faded when worn on its own for soft glow, and creased when I used it as a base. I was disappointed with how the product performed, especially that the color is so beautiful.


3- Clean & Clear night relaxing all-in-one cleansing wipes


After my experience with similar cleansing wipes from Neutrogena, I found that this one too had an alcohol smell and did not help remove all of my makeup in one use. I found that I enjoy products that will help me have a reduced and efficient routine and not add more work, and this one did the latter. I have not yet found cleansing wipes that amaze me but the search continues for very good makeup removing wipes. Let me know in the comments if you recommend any!

4- Pantene Pro-V Smooth 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner



I’ve really been a fan of 2 in 1 products, since they reduce steps in my routine. This one has performed as nicely as I had expected, and it left my hair feeling smooth and nourished. I have been experimenting with other shampoos a lot this year and in the end found myself purchasing expensive shampoos and conditioners separately in addition to a mask. This one was very affordable and had all I needed in one bottle!





5- Redken all soft mega Megamask



I purchased this product this summer when my hair was extremely dry and damaged due to heat and sun. It did not reverse any of the damage but really helped nourish my hair and lock moisture in. The formula is very thick and helps strengthen the hair. After a few uses I already started seeing the results. I highly recommend it!

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