Product Empties

October’s Product Empties

It’s time for another month of empties! There is always something very satisfying about using up a product and knowing how they work and perform. The challenge is that not every product will be the best, which is another positive aspect of reviewing monthly empties. I have been consistently using up five products (plus decluttered items) to ultimately have a unified collection that works.

1- Too faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Spray



I have heard many positive reviews about this product, but wanted to try it for myself to see if I liked it. And I really loved it. The product felt very refreshing and sprayed evenly which was wonderful. It did not have an overpowering scent and dried very quickly. Overall, I really liked the product and would definitely repurchase it again.







2- Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser



This is a great product for all skin types, but especially if you have dry and sensitive skin like mine. I use this daily and this does not make skin dry and tight. It does a great job removing any make-up residue and cleanses the skin very well. This is a great product and I use it exclusively. I highly recommend it!





3- Moroccan Black Soap with eucalyptus essential oil


I love using black soap because it is super gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated. This is also great for pre-exfoliating the skin. This is my first time trying this brand, and I am very impressed with it. They have a wide range of natural Dead Sea products. I’ve included a link to their full catalog.


4- Redken all soft mega Megamask



This product is great for deeply nourishing dry and damaged hair. I applied it to damp, clean hair and left it for about 20 minutes before rinsing. This is definitely a luxury item so I only used it once a week or as often as needed. It really helped my hair transition from damaged summer hair. What I disliked about this product is that it has an inner tube that expands as you use of product. In my opinion it was wasteful especially since it means that there is less product for an item that already cost a lot. I did not fully understand its use and consequently ran out of product sooner than I expected. Perhaps a container version would have been much better.



5- Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water


I purchased this travel size product as I was preparing to go on vacation. It claims to cleanse skin and even remove waterproof mascara. While it did a great job with the skin it did not remove my waterproof mascara. I even tried it with a couple of waterproof mascaras and it did not remove it. I would definitely recommend this for the skin as it keeps it clean and moisturized.






I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for my post on fall items and another travel blog to South America.

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